Engineering Contracts


Course Code (Undergraduate): 010361

Course Code (Postgraduate): 2010361

48 Contact Hours

7.5 ECTS points Credit Points

Course Description

This course aims to develop skills which allow students to draft, prepare and negotiate engineering contracts of a commercial nature. Engineering contracts integrate the traditional drafting method of contracts with the practical requirements of engineers. These are applicable to a wide range of engineering streams, including chemical, civil, electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering.
Case studies which illustrate the importance of drafting accurate and inclusive contracts are used to demonstrate the significance of these agreements. Relevant legislation and regulations will be analysed to understand the fundamental requirements of these contracts and the implications of failing to adhere to formal requirements.
By the end of this course, students should be able to identify standard contract forms as well as draft and prepare an engineering contract, taking into account legal and occupational requirements.


Schedule and Topics

1. Introduction to Engineering Contracts
2. Drafting, negotiating and preparing engineering contracts
3. Traditional contract drafting and practical engineering requirements
4. The significance of accurate and inclusive contractual documents
5. Relevant legislation and regulations
6. Occupational requirements and industry standards
7. Engineering contracts fit for purpose
8. Negotiating financial aspects
9. Multiple Parties in a contract
10. Outsourcing contracts
11. Creating an engineering contract
12. Ethical issues


Class (Tutorial) participation (15%);
In class Tests (Individual) (25%);
Group project submission(20%);
Final examination (40%).


The course is open for undergraduate/postgraduate engineering students.

Reference Books

Robert Ribeiro, Engineering Contracts, ISBN: 0750624981
Course materials (including lecture notes, supplementary readings and solutions to assignment questions) are handed out during the class.

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Course Code (Undergraduate): 010361
Course Code (Postgraduate): 2010361


学时: 48 Contact Hours
学分: 7.5 ECTS points
语言: English, 中文
课程开放日期:28 June 2021
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