Course Code (Undergraduate): 010851

Course Code (Postgraduate): 2130229

48 Contact Hours

7.5 ECTS points Credit Points

Course Description

This course diverges from the traditional definition of entrepreneurship in that it believes that innovations are created in the learning process and can be “engineered” to ensure higher chances of success in the market. Existing ideas are often taken and realised through constant improvement and refinement making it equally capable of succeeding compared with a completely nouveau idea. This unit will consist of several components which include the search of new ideas and the reconstruction of these ideas in turning them into project proposals and the application of methodologies. Practical classes will be complementing theoretical material and through combined learning, students will become more informed about the increasingly important role of technology, market patterns, and global influences. Key concepts and case studies will be used to aid students in the learning of those theories.


Schedule and Topics

1. Introduction to entrepreneurship with a global vision
2. The entrepreneurial process
3. Creativity, idea generation, and opportunity analysis
4. Business planning and learning to create a sustainable competitive advantage;
5. Lean Startup methodology
6. Entrepreneurial finance
7. How to Pitch your Venture
8. Partnering and marketing
9. Clusters and innovation networks
10. Organisational architecture and entrepreneurial leadership
11. Risks and challenges associated with entrepreneurship
12. International Entrepreneurship and Ethics


Class participation marks (10%);
2 minutes limit Business pitches (20%);
New venture business plan (group) (30%) +Business plan presentation (group) (20%);
Peer evaluation (individual) (20%).


The course is a course designed for students from all academic disciplines to get an insight into entrepreneurship development. It is open to undergraduate/postgraduate students.

Reference Books

Timmons, Jeffry A., Gillin, L. M., Burshtein, S., and Spinelli, Stephen Jr. (2011). New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century – A Pacific Rim Perspective, 1st Edition. McGraw-Hill Irwin.
Course materials (including lecture notes, supplementary readings and solutions to assignment questions) are handed out during the class.

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Course Code (Undergraduate): 010851
Course Code (Postgraduate): 2130229


学时: 48 Contact Hours
学分: 7.5 ECTS points
语言: English, 中文
课程开放日期:28 June 2021
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