International Finance


Course Code (Undergraduate): 010794

Course Code (Postgraduate): 2010794

48 Contact Hours

7.5 ECTS points Credit Points

Course Description

This unit examines how global corporations make their strategic financial decisions. It analyses the main techniques utilized by managers in the international financial market and how they are applicable to different areas.

Students will be looking into the topics of Global Financial markets, Currency Exchanges Rates, Currency Derivatives, Management of Risk, Portfolio Diversification and Changing Interest Rates. This course allows students to learn to identify the obstacles multinational corporations face whilst undertaking business in different countries, focusing on the financial aspects.


Schedule and Topics

1. Introduction to International Finance
2. International Trade Flows
3. International Financial Markets
4. Exchange Rates and risk management
5. Currency Derivatives
6. Interest Rate Parity and International Parity Conditions
7. Interest Parity Relationship and Forecasting
8. Foreign Exchange Exposure and Management
9. International Portfolio Diversification
10. Swap and Interest Rate Risk Management
11. DFI & Country Risk Analysis
12. International Capital Budgeting
13. Structure of multinational firms and the Cost of Capital
14. Political Risk Management


Class (Tutorial) participation (15%);
In class tests (25%);
Group Assignment (20%);
Final examination (40%).


Sound knowledge of topics covered in Corporate Finance is a necessary basis for satisfactory completion of this course.

Reference Books

Madura, J. (2015). International Financial Management, 12th Edition, Cengage Learning.
Shapiro, A. C. and Sarin, A.(2009).Foundations of Multinational Financial Management, 6th edition, Wiley
Shapiro, A.C. (2014), Multinational Financial Management, 10th Edition, Wiley.
Course materials (including lecture notes, supplementary readings and solutions to assignment questions) are handed out during the class.

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Course Code (Undergraduate): 010794
Course Code (Postgraduate): 2010794


学时: 48 Contact Hours
学分: 7.5 ECTS points
语言: English, 中文
课程开放日期:28 June 2021
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